Blown Glass by: Jack Loranger

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Blown Glass

Fish Fry - Photo by: Blake Schnell © 2015
My first visit to a glassblowing studio was an experience that pushed my life into a new direction. I was intrigued by a material that could have the consistency of honey and, literally minutes later, be solid as a rock. I put together a home hot shop and began to play. I soon realized that you do not work hot glass, you work with it.
I am constantly reheating the glass to push the molecules apart from each other, quickly rearranging them and then letting them bind back together; then heating another portion of the piece and doing it again, watching and reacting to the subtleties of the material.
I am fascinated by the reaction different colors can have under different lighting. Therefore, I am drawn especially to working with uranium glass, also known as Vaseline Glass, which fluoresces bright green when exposed to ultra violet light.
I also enjoy layering different colored glass and then carving with a sandblaster to reveal the different layers, adding more dimension to my work.
My relationship with hot glass has taught me to live in the moment and enjoy every minute of it.

I have open studio on select weekends between noon and 4 pm. Come and enjoy the moment with me. Try it yourself!

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